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      Taking oral hygiene to heart

      Although we understand that poor dental care can lead to poor dental health, our teeth act as the gateway to the body, so ensuring that you have stellar oral hygiene will ensure you avoid more serious health conditions.

        Missing teeth solutions - Dental implants

        We understand that if you have missing teeth, finding the right solution can be a challenge.

          Missing teeth solutions bridges

          We understand that missing teeth can affect your self-confidence, and gaps in your smile may prevent you from sharing your smile.

            Missing teeth solutions - dentures

            If you are self-conscious because of multiple missing teeth, dentures may present an initial or temporary solution to give your confidence a boost and restore your smile. The first of three options in our missing teeth series.

                Balancing your diet

                Understanding which foods are more or less acidic will help to help balance out meals and snacks for your family and encourage them into the right choices for life.

                  Children’s Hygiene

                  As a parent, you will understandably want to ensure that your children have the best overall health possible and good oral hygiene is a key part of this as your children grow; however, it can also be one of the hardest to monitor and influence.

                      Missing teeth

                      Missing teeth can be caused by a number of factors and probably more common than you may realise. The good news is, you don’t need to shy away or hide your smile

                        More than just a check up

                        Regular check-ups are an essential part of a good oral health routine and help to provide a preventative approach to dental issues; but at Stafford Street Dental & Implant Clinic, this is more than just a check-up

                          Increasing safety with air purifiers

                          In all applicable practices, we have invested significantly in state-of-the-art air purifiers, providing a safer environment for you, your practice team and all our patients.

                              Hygienist Q and A's

                              Our practitioners care about your oral hygiene routine, so to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile, we have put together some handy video tips.

                                Dental myths

                                We have put together a list of the commons dental hygiene myths and why you shouldn't follow them.

                                  Reopening FAQ's

                                  As our practices begin to reopen. We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions regarding your appointments and PPE.

                                    Seven ways to keep you safe

                                    As our practices begin to reopen, we have put together seven simple ways to keep you safe whilst you are in our care.

                                      New patient journey video

                                      Our new patient journey video

                                      Take a look at our video to find out more about our new patient journey

                                        Child patient journey

                                        Child patient journey

                                        We understand that visiting the dentist can often be quite a big event for a child. Now things are different, we wanted to help showcase what a child should expect when they next visit the practice.

                                          Your patient journey

                                          Our new patient journey

                                          Every single decision we have made and step we have taken has been with a focus on the safety of you, our colleagues and clinicians. 

                                            Our guide to using dental floss and interdental brushes

                                            We have previously provided advice on how best to keep your teeth clean using a toothbrush but it’s important you also clean the hard to see or reach parts of your teeth as well. 

                                              Understanding our approach to cancellations

                                              We are working hard to ensure that patients can return to our practices to receive the care they deserve as soon as it is safely possible.

                                                Dental emergency guidance

                                                Learn about some of the common dental problems and what might constitute an emergency, alongside some tips to help from home

                                                  Top tips on how to brush your teeth properly!

                                                  As we know, brushing your teeth is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine, but are we all doing it correctly? To maintain healthy teeth and gums you must use the correct routine and doing this regularly and thoroughly, will help to ensure your mouth stays healthy. Whilst we probably all do this slightly differently, we have some simple, helpful tips on how to brush your teeth for maximum oral hygiene.

                                                    How to manage ulcers

                                                    Mouth ulcers are sores that form in the mouth and can be very painful. They’re sensitive to the touch and often cause a sharp, stinging pain. More often than not, they are clearly defined - usually oval shaped - and often react to the tiniest facial movements, making eating, talking and even smiling a painful ordeal. But where do they come from, and how do we get rid of them?

                                                      Teeth whitening – how to battle stained teeth

                                                      Have you noticed that your teeth maybe aren’t quite as white as they used to be. Maybe you noticed in a photo, or after applying your favourite red lipstick. But what can be done? In this blog we break down the different types of stain, how to prevent stain and what can be done to get rid of it.

                                                        Composite restorations and buildups

                                                        Composite is the word dentists use for white, tooth coloured, filling material. Composite can be used to open up the bite when the teeth are worn out, which restores the aesthetic appearance and improves the bite.

                                                          Teeth grinding and clenching

                                                          Teeth grinding and clenching is  much more common than people realise.

                                                          Everyone says- “I don’t grind my teeth! My partner isn’t  reporting scraping squeaking noises at night so I’m not grinding!”

                                                            Mouth cancer awareness month

                                                            November is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, organised by the Oral Health Foundation and we are taking part in this event.

                                                            Dentists are taught to look out for mouth cancer as part of their training, so we always examine all our patients for mouth cancer- it’s why we look under your tongue!

                                                              The environment and safety at Stafford Street Dental & Implant Clinic

                                                              We care for the environment at Stafford Street Dental Care.

                                                              Yann and Gilly Maidment and all the team at Stafford Street are concerned for the welfare of our environment and agree with Emanuel Macron that we have to take action

                                                                Passionate about prevention

                                                                At Stafford Street Dental Care we are passionate about prevention and have been over all the years we’ve been working.

                                                                What does this mean? Prevention means stopping things before they happen and what we set out to stop happening is gum disease and tooth decay.

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