29th October 2019

We care for the environment at Stafford Street Dental Care.

Yann and Gilly Maidment and all the team at Stafford Street are concerned for the welfare of our environment and agree with Emanuel Macron that we have to take action- “there is no Planet B”. Everyone knows Yann and Gilly cycle to work every day and as much as possible all the rest of the time! We don’t have parking and all the team walk or use public transport to get to work.

Within the practice the safety and welfare of our patients has to come top of the list. Most of our instruments are reusable- they are washed and disinfected (in the washer disinfector!), then sterilised by autoclaving. This happens in the LDU, Local Decontamination Unit, which is at the top of two flights of stairs in Stafford Street Dental Care. This is why all the team are so fit and healthy, they are always running up and down!

After sterilisation, the instruments are bagged or stored in covered trays. All these processes are monitored and the processes are monitored to make sure they are effective.

Many of the other products we use are disposable, cups, bibs, tissues, paper towels, and these are products that have become essential.  Disposal of these products is to a specialist collector-they are Clinical Waste and they are collected by a specialist waste company, then separated and incinerated.

We are looking at these products and making sure that there isn’t unnecessary wastage. Team meetings have involved extremely heated discussions of the benefits of using bamboo cups over plastic.

To help the environment and reduce landfill waste, our hygienist Isobel, who is our Recycling and Environmental Awareness Champion, has organised our participation in the Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme, working with “Terracycle”.

We will have a drop off box in the practice to recycle mouth care products and packaging. This project also helps fund schools or organisations.

Please bring in any or all of the following products:

  • any brand of manual tooth brush.
  • any brand of electric/battery operated tooth brush head.
  • any brand of tooth paste tube and caps.
  • any brand of toothbrush/toothpaste out packaging.

For more information on how we are a green dentist in Edinburgh, please call us on 0131 225 7576.

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