Passionate about prevention

4th September 2019

At Stafford Street Dental Care we are passionate about prevention and have been over all the years we’ve been working.

What does prevention mean? 

Prevention means stopping things before they happen and what we set out to stop happening is gum disease and tooth decay.

We prevent gum disease by being proactive with our hygienist care appointments, motivating our patients to attend the hygienist at the intervals they require, as assessed on an individual basis.  The appointment is long enough for a thorough removal of plaque, including plaque that can be hardened under the gums.  Our dedicated hygiene therapists are experts at this job! The hygiene therapists also help our patients to know what to do each day for excellent plaque removal at home.

It’s not just about a “scale and polish”. Everyone’s mouth feels good right after a hygiene visit but we do our best to make sure that feeling lasts right till the next time!

There is more and more evidence every day that gum disease can be associated with other chronic inflammatory diseases, so by having this approach we are helping to prevent systemic disease in our patients as well!

Excellent daily cleaning also helps prevent tooth decay.

Tooth decay results from the bacteria which live in plaque using sugar to make acid which causes the breakdown of tooth material- that is, a cavity.

We protect vulnerable surfaces, for children and adults, by sealing over the tooth with a bonding resin (Fissure sealants), stopping plaque which would cause breakdown and decay from trapping in these areas.

We are vigilant in looking for decay at the earliest stages so it can be monitored, or treated before it results in the formation of a larger cavity.

We use fluoride varnish, as well as prescribe stronger fluoride toothpaste to strengthen tooth material, decided on an individual basis.

The benefits of active prevention are that we head in a good direction, and everything gets healthier. This results in confidence.

If you would like to be confident in your smile, with healthy gums and fresh breath, then this preventive approach is for you.

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