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Zero Amalgam Dentistry at Stafford Street Dental Care

Dental amalgam has been used for years to fill cavities in teeth. It is strong, resistant to wear, and BLACK!!!!

Dental amalgam also contains mercury.

World-wide environmental concerns over mercury led the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to draw up The Minamata Convention on Mercury, which was formally signed in October 2013.

This global legally-binding treaty aims to regulate and reduce all man-made sources of mercury, including dental amalgam. The treaty commits the world to a gradual phase-down in the use of dental amalgam but without a commitment to a specific timetable.

The European Commission has now set out its response (February 2016) to the Convention and has confirmed its position that individual nations should work to gradually scale down the use of dental amalgam, rather than imposing any direct bans.

At Stafford Street Dental Care we  wound down our use of amalgam from around 2005 as composite materials improved, and as we increased our emphasis on minimally invasive restorative techniques that conserve tooth structure. We also worked hard to improve our skills in placing composite restorations as they are more difficult. They need to be placed in a dry environment so that the bonding works which is why we generally use dental dam when providing composite restorations.

Amalgam fillings are stable until they are being removed, when a very small amount of mercury can be released. This is another good reason why we use dental dam as it minimises exposure to the released mercury. We do not normally recommend the removal of amalgam restorations for health reasons, but we do always set out to minimise this exposure.

After the Minimata agreement we decided there was no good reason to keep our last few amalgam capsules. They were safely disposed of.

We have been an amalgam free practice since then.

We have composite! (white filling material) and have attended many courses to be as good as possible at using it.

We have our amazing 3D Cerec machine so that we can make porcelain restorations that are as close as possible to putting the tooth back.

Our aim is to make teeth look and feel like teeth again.


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