Why It’s Safer To Go To The Dentist For Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a fantastic and safe procedure when using a dentist prescribed home bleaching technique. Your smile will appear brighter and the teeth feel very clean. The bleaching materials also  improve the health of the gums. Tooth whitening is much better for the teeth than having crowns or veneers to improve their appearance  as no tooth material at all is removed.

Safety studies have shown that bleaching teeth with the materials dentists use is perfectly safe on the teeth, cheeks, gum and tissues of the mouth. The bleaching material has a ph (acidity/alkaline level) which is neutral.

There are problems with the bleaching kits that are purchased over the counter or from the internet. Although they are inexpensive, they can contain an acid rinse, which can be extremely harmful to the teeth. There have been cases where  patients purchased  over the counter kits to bleach their teeth, and  the teeth went darker. This was because the acid rinse had worn all the enamel away and the darker shade was the underlying dentine that was exposed.

Materials from the internet might be completely fake and even more dangerous. It is illegal for dental companies in Britain to sell directly to anyone except dentists to make sure bleaching materials are safely used. It is also illegal for beauty therapists to whiten teeth.

The technique of bleaching teeth is not for everyone, there are some situations where bleaching is contraindicated such as where the front teeth are already crowned or where there are very large fillings on the front teeth. The most ideal situation is where there is not much wrong with the teeth except for the colour which has become more yellow with age. It can be a first step to greater improvement to the appearance of the teeth, perhaps with some bonding to worn edges.

We are always delighted to discuss tooth whitening! If you would like to see the difference that tooth whitening can make, check out some some before and after photos of patients that have had tooth whitening.

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