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Why You Need the Sleep Clenching Inhibitor

“The daily grind, the weary task, Is all we really ought to ask”.

Bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching) can cause many problems and many people are completely unaware that it is something they are doing.

Parafunction is another unconscious habit that can happen by day or night when the teeth slide around to all kinds of weird positions and grind against each other.

sleep clenching inhibitor in edinburgh

These habits put huge forces on the teeth and also the muscles of the face and head which can lead to:

  • Toothache
  • Broken teeth and fillings
  • Facial pain
  • Headaches including migraines


Bruxism can happen during the day, while concentrating, for example at the computer screen, or while driving. It is possible to become aware of daily habits and, once they are observed, actively stop them. It is not usually possible to decide to stop night time bruxism and parafunction. For this reason we aim to protect the teeth and muscles with the Sleep Clenching Inhibitor (SCI).

The Sleep Clenching Inhibitor is a small device that fits over the front teeth. Usually we make it to fit over the top six front teeth. It is worn by night, and prevents the back teeth from coming together. This switches off all the signals to the brain to clench and grind, which takes all the pressure off the teeth and gives the facial muscles a break, allowing them to relax.

The SCI is bilaminate, consisting of a soft inner layer against the teeth and a hard outer layer to prevent it from wearing away.

Many of our patients can’t live without their SCI, others use them as they feel they need, according to stress levels. This small plastic device can change your life.

For more information on bruxism, the Sleep Clenching Inhibitor or to make an appointment contact Stafford Street Dental on 0131 225 7576.


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