Straighter Teeth at Stafford Street Dental Care

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is one of the most highly regarded adult tooth straightening systems around and we are delighted to introduce it to the range of treatments available at Stafford Street Dental Care.

Our new dentist, Dr Calum Imray, uses this system to reposition crowded or rotated front teeth in the shortest time possible.

Many patients have crowded front teeth and research now shows that almost all adults’ teeth will drift and move slightly over time. This can lead to aesthetic concerns, increased wear of the front teeth and difficulties in cleaning effectively.

The Inman Aligner is designed to gently move the front teeth into a neater arch, offers shorter treatment times (and therefore lower fees) than more complex orthodontic systems and is ideal for patients with mild to moderate alignment issues. Patients who have had braces in the past and later experienced some relapse of the positioning of their teeth are often ideally suited to this type of treatment.

  • Speed: Average treatment times range from 6-16 weeks depending on the complexity of the case.
  • Cost: Fees are lower than for the more complex orthodontic systems. Treatment of one arch with the Inman Aligner starts from £1900 and discounts are available if both upper and lower teeth are being treated.
  • Removable: Special occasion? Going out for a meal with friends? Photo opportunity? No problem! Although the Inman Aligner needs to be worn consistently throughout the treatment time, removing the device for eating, brushing and the occasional evening out is actually beneficial.
  • Retention: Once treatment is completed, the teeth can be permanently secured in their new positions. This helps to avoid relapse and ensures a beautiful, lasting result.
  • Best of all: Inman Aligner treatment can be combined with tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings or veneers for a comprehensive smile makeover.


If you would like more information on what the Inman Aligner could achieve for your smile, call us today on 0131 225 7576 to book an initial assessment with Dr Calum Imray.



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