Scary Reasons Why You Should Go To The Dentist Regularly

So you’re meaning to get round to booking an appointment at your dentist?
Maybe you’ve had a reminder letter or email? Or even several!
But life is so busy it’s hard to organise a visit to the dentist.
And surely everything is fine, you brush your teeth every day after all.
And you would know if there were any problems, and anyway it’s only been a few months…..
Here’s some scary things that can happen…..

You could get a cavity! If you have sugar in your diet it is entirely possible that you could get a cavity in your tooth that starts slowly then bursts through into the inner tooth material which is porous and breaks down very quickly.

This x-ray shows a big cavity in the middle tooth at the top, also the start of several smaller cavities.
This could go on quietly until you get really bad toothache! Once you have toothache that keeps you awake at night your tooth will probably need root canal treatment. After that it would need a crown- expensive!
Or- you could just get your tooth out, that’s always a fun possibility.

You could have gum disease!

Gum disease is painless , it starts with bleeding gums which you might not even notice. The inflammation can spread into the bone around your teeth and destroy it. Once the bone has gone it doesn’t come back. Ultimately that makes your teeth loose and gives you BAD BREATH! Scaaaaaryyy!!!!!

A very scary thing that dentists look out for is mouth cancer. An ulcer that hasn’t cleared up after 3 weeks could be cancerous- and cases of the disease have grown by a third in the last decade.

The great news is that your dentist is here to help. Dentists and hygienists want to prevent you from having problems with your teeth and gums, to find small problems before they get bigger and to have healthy gums.
So get in touch! Get to know your dentist!
Before it’s too late………


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