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Taking Care of Your Teeth As You Get Older

At Stafford Street Dental Care, we take care of many very old patients, aged right up to 100 years old! We consider each person as an individual and consider what is best for their own personal circumstances.

It is always our aim to help all our patients keep their teeth and gums in the healthiest possible condition for the whole of their lives.

Many people think that teeth getting loose and falling out is a consequence of getting older, it’s not, it’s a consequence of gum disease. The prevention of gum disease by hygienist care as well as a good home routine means we can keep on keeping teeth and gums in great condition. Even if there has previously been some receding of the gums, it is quite possible to keep them at the same level with good care and regular hygienist visits.

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Certain medications can cause problems such as a dry mouth . This is not only uncomfortable but can result in new cavities forming, which can be in awkward inaccessible places and get bigger very quickly. So we keep a good eye on our patients, and do our best to prevent these cavities beginning. We can prescribe special toothpastes and mouthwashes that are helpful.

We also advise frequent sips of water or tea and coffee (without sugar). Sugar free chewing gum helps saliva flow. Sucking boiled sweets to moisten the mouth is not recommended as the combination of the dryness and sugar is certainly going to cause cavities.

People sometimes change their eating habits when they retire for example, start having more frequent cups of tea and biscuits. Biscuits, even healthy sounding cereal bars, are very high in sugar. They are ok as part of a meal but eating biscuits throughout the day will cause decay problems.

Other people take up cycling or extreme sports like  triathlon- no reason to let age hold you back! Just as we would say to teenagers, avoid sports drinks which are sugary and acidic, they cause cavities and dissolve your teeth.

What if a tooth breaks? If there is enough tooth left to work with and stick something on to, we are able to use our Cerec 3D scanner to make the shape to replace the broken part, and bond it on. This is a great way of dealing with this issue as most of the work isn’t actually happening in the patient’s mouth. This means people don’t have to keep their mouth open for ages as with a traditional filling. We used this method recently to fix a front tooth for a 96 year old!

In the sad event of a tooth cracking or breaking so badly that it can’t be repaired, implants are a great option. Age is not a barrier to implant treatment.

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So far we haven’t mentioned “dentures”, and that’s  because we hardly make them any more. They’re sometimes used as a step in implant treatment. Unlike in the past, where dentures were a part of old age, dentists are helping people keep their teeth!

We are always delighted to help anybody who feels they would benefit from our preventive and holistic approach to dentistry.

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