Podiatry and Sports Massage at Stafford Street Dental Care

We are delighted to introduce you to Fiona Sutherland, who will soon be coming to work with us.

Fiona was born in Thurso and brought up in Strathalladale, Sutherland. She came to Edinburgh in 1999 to study  HND in Sports Therapy at Telford College and then went on to complete a BSc in Sports Science at Napier University.  Fiona completed work experience with Boroughmuir Rugby Club, which ultimately led to her being in charge of player treatments, therapies and first aid on training evenings for the Senior club, as well as looking after the 2nd fifteen team on match days which she did for 10+ years. She worked as a technical instructor at the Western General Hospital and St Johns Hospital in Livingston until in 2005 when Fiona decided to specialise in Podiatry. She completed her training in 2008 with a BSc Podiatry and then became an associate for a few years at Abbeyhill Footcare. After this she decided to combine skills and branch out with her own business in the shape of First Contact Podiatry and Sports Therapy, able to provide multiple services for her clients.

Throughout the years she has worked at many sporting events including football, cross country horse riding, rugby sevens – junior & senior – as well as hockey. She  has hands on experience in working with acute injuries and has been able to provide first aid response services at events,  which she enjoys enormously. She has been able to combine her knowledge and skills in treating both injuries and foot conditions sport related or not.

Fiona embarked on a new challenge recently. She went to work with a rugby club in Ontario, Canada for 5 months, as medical supervisor for the entire club including two senior men’s teams, a women’s team and juniors as well as looking after travelling teams. She found this an amazing experience,gaining more experience and confidence which has led to her becoming an even better practitioner.

Fiona has treated rugby teams for 15 years and it has enabled her to travel the world and enjoy watching the game at all levels. She loves to travel to different countries and experience new cultures, but most of all she enjoys returning home to Sutherland to spend time with her family. Her biggest passion in life is simply helping to fix people, whether that be a sports person or any other person.

Fiona is very friendly and outgoing, always full of enthusiasm. She is absolutely delighted to come on board and work with us at Stafford Street Dental Care and looks forward to bringing you her services.

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