Single visit advanced dental retorations using CEREC at Stafford Street Dental Care in Edinburgh

New Cerec Dental Restoration Technology in Edinburgh

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Exciting News at Stafford Street Dental Care in Edinburgh


There’s exciting news at Stafford Street Dental Care as Gilly and Yann have upgraded the Cerec 3D camera and computer.


Cerec means CEramic REConstruction

Since we got our first Cerec 3D scanner and milling machine we have reconstructed over 1400 teeth with ceramic. We don’t need to take impressions or make temporary crowns. We can make crowns and partial crowns, always with the aim of preserving as much natural tooth as possible while strengthening the tooth.

Getting a tooth completely fixed all in one visit and seeing the technology involved has been really interesting for everyone to see. You can see for yourself in the video below when one of our patients, Ben, had a Cerec placed.

Technology has advanced and there are now different materials available including composite ( the same as white filling material but stronger -as it’s compressed in a block). Composite is ideal in certain situations and partial crowns be made quite quickly.


What’s different about the new upgraded version?

With the new camera we don’t have to spray powder on the teeth any more- it was always a bit chilly-and we get a picture of the teeth all in colour. The software and designing is better and quicker. (Although there has been some learning involved…)

3D scanning is becoming much more common in dentistry and we are happy to be in the forefront of this to be able to offer our patients the very best up to date treatments that are evidence based and will provide years of service with the right post operative care.

We can look back on the work we have done and see that ceramic restorations stay looking good over the years.

Can anyone have a Cerec restoration placed?

Yes, most situations where a crown or inlay would be required  we can offer Cerec to our patients and this is what makes the difference for them and why they love it.

  • No messy dental impressions
  • No temporary crown that may or may not fall out
  • All the work is completed in one visit, no need to return two weeks later to have the restoration fitted.


What about aftercare?

Like any dental restoration you will need to look after it and maintain a good level of oral hygiene. As always, we recommend regular visits to see Sadie, our Dental Hygienist, to ensure you are using the correct technique. We will also review the restoration regularly at your dental health assessments and help you keep it for many years to come. It is wonderful for us to look back on these restorations and see just how successful they are and how they function well too.

Can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about having a Cerec restoration or any aspect of dental care, please do get in touch with our Welcome Team.

We look forward to welcoming you to Stafford Street Dental Care in Edinburgh soon.



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