Looking Back on 2014

Looking back on 2014…..
At the end of the year it is good to look back and review our achievements, good ideas, and things that have happened.
Our big effort this year was getting our new website ready. This involved a lot of planning and writing so that our website represents us and our ethos rather than being a bland, generic website. It should now be possible to find out more about every type of treatment that we offer with photos and even a video. Check it out!!!!
We were finalists in several awards although we didn’t win anything this time. It makes it even more memorable to think of the year we won “Practice of the year”!
Yann and Gilly  are both continuing to develop their skills. Yann is taking part in a one year course in Cosmetic and Aesthetic restorative dentistry, with Dr Chris Orr in London- the course that Gilly completed in 2012. Both Yann and Gilly really enjoy continuing to learn and to understand the many advances that are occurring in dentistry.
The Cerec 3D scanning computer and milling machine has turned out many fantastic porcelain restorations this year.
Dr Willie Jack has helped many of our patients to keep their smiles going or improve their smiles with implants. We are amazed to look back and consider that when we first started practicing dentistry, if a tooth cracked and had to be removed, the options were, either a plastic denture, (which you would have for the rest of your life) or bridgework that involved damaging drilling to the teeth on each side of the gap. Now an implant retained crown is usually the first option in this situation.

In 2014  more evidence has been released to show the links between the bacteria in dental gum pockets and heart disease.Links with other chronic inflammatory diseases are being investigated. As we say frequently, good gum health is important for good general health. And we will keep on saying it!

 We are happy that dentistry is becoming more conservative and much more health focused. We intend to continue the conservative, health focused approach that we have had for many years into 2015 and beyond!

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