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Invisalign Clear Brace Teeth Straightening in Edinburgh

We are excited to introduce Invisalign to the range of treatments available at Stafford Street Dental Care!

Invisalign is a system of clear aligners which straighten teeth in a similar way to traditional braces whilst being far more discreet.

See your treatment plan in 3D

One of the greatest strengths of Invisalign is that each case is planned out digitally from start to finish before you make the decision to go ahead with treatment. Being able to see what movements are planned, know how long it might take and understand the result we are aiming to help you achieve is a huge advantage.

After a set of impressions are taken, we create a 3D simulation of how your teeth could be moved. If necessary, several different plans can be developed so we can discuss the pros & cons of each approach and decide which would be best for your unique situation. This is your ClinCheck Treatment Plan.

clincheck treatment plan in edinburgh


Why straighten teeth?

Obviously aligning your teeth can be a significant part of improving your smile and most Invisalign patients have aesthetics high on their priority list.

In years gone by porcelain veneers and crowns were the treatment of choice for creating a straight, beautiful smile. Unfortunately crowded, tilted or rotated teeth need to be cut back quite aggressively to make room for the porcelain and this can lead to other problems in the future. Add this to the fact that a set of 6 veneers for the upper front teeth will often cost significantly more than using Invisalign to put all your upper and lower teeth in the correct positions, whiten them to your satisfaction and retain or enhance their natural character, and this more modern dental approach starts to make more and more sense.

Just aesthetics?

If your teeth are gradually wearing down, or you frequently chip their edges you may spend a lot of time having these issues repaired. Worse still, many patients in these situations assume that nothing can be done to help. But orthodontic treatments like Invisalign are not just about aesthetics! Moving your teeth into better positions can help you function better and simplify your dental maintenance needs.

Why Invisalign?

– Discreet: Most people won’t even notice you are wearing them!
– Removable: Play contact sports. Eat, brush & floss normally. Live your life!
– Start smiling: Whiten at the same time as you straighten your teeth.
– Digital planning: You know the expected outcome before starting treatment.
– Trusted: Over 5 million Invisalign cases have been completed worldwide and dentists using this system have access to superb professional support for those more challenging cases.

Keep brushing, keep smiling!

invisalign teeth straightening in edinburgh


Dr Calum Imray BSc(hons), BDS, MJDF.
Certified Invisalign Provider.


To book your free consultation for Invisalign invisable orthodontics, call your Edinburgh dentist on 0131 225 7576 today. 

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