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Improving Smiles With Dental Crowns & Veneers

It is possible to really change someone’s smile and therefore their whole appearance with veneers and/or crowns.

This blog will describe a case for a patient, how decisions were made, and how the results were achieved.

The patient, let’s call him Steve, had had an accident a few years ago when some teeth had been broken. They had a lot of treatment and ended up with crowns on. Steve was always fairly happy with these crowns, until things changed, and he wondered if they should be replaced. He really wanted a whiter brighter smile! However he was also quite keen to keep treatment to a minimum.

The 3 teeth at the top right had been crowned. (on the right on the photo too!)

The problem wasn’t just the crowns, but also the teeth to the left. The gaps were obvious.  Another problem was that the two front teeth had different gum levels so that the crowned tooth looked shorter. I suggested we think of replacement of the crown on the right, a veneer on the tooth to the left of it, and a little bit of bonding to improve the next tooth.

So that we could see how this looked, we popped a little white composite around.

Looks better!

This composite was peeled back off afterwards, it was there to give us both a good idea of the direction we were going in.

Next –  some tooth whitening!

The crowns do not change colour with whitening but the teeth do! Steve hadn’t noticed much of a difference as such a little change was happening every day. It certainly added up, as we realised when we looked back at the first pictures.

We then both decided to go for the brightest look possible for the front four teeth, which meant changing the two crowns on the middle right, and putting two veneers on the two middle left teeth. This involved only a minor amount of preparation on the left as we were building the teeth outwards.
And this is the end result.

Steve is still practicing his smiling, he hasn’t had the habit of it!

He says- “Hi Gilly, Absolutely fine to use the photos of my teeth. I’m very proud to show them off! “

If you are interested in discussing the situation of your own teeth, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are always delighted to talk things over at Stafford Street Dental Care.

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