How to whiten your teeth

Many people would like to have whiter brighter teeth.

The internet  offers many ways to whiten your teeth but not all of these ways are reputable- so let’s look at the professional methods.

  • The number one way to know your smile is bright is to brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush to make sure there is no plaque on the surfaces of your teeth.  Whitening toothpaste can improve  the  colour of your teeth by removing surface stain.
  • Visiting  a hygienist regularly for professional plaque and stain removal and advice helps keep teeth bright and shiny.
  • Whitening strips are now available which offer a low cost way of bleaching the teeth. These strips are placed over the front of the teeth,used over a two week period and can change the colour of the teeth by a few shades. We think these would be most suitable where the teeth are already fairly bright.
  • In the situation where teeth are more yellow,or dark, we recommend whitening with custom made thin trays which fit very accurately over all the teeth. Bleaching gel is worn for 2-3 hours or overnight. In this way the gel penetrates right into the tooth and breaks up the deep stain which is causing the discolouration. All professional whitening gels work in this way and  don’t strip the tooth material away. (Some over the counter gels are acidic and can damage the teeth.) We have different gels to choose from to get the best result, and although this process takes time  the results are good and longlasting.
  • Enlighten whitening is a system which guarantees the teeth will get to shade B1 (the whitest shade on one of our shade guides) within 2 weeks in 97% of cases. This is a great idea for people who want to follow a strict timetable to get a result.
  • When teeth are extremely dark or stained it is still possible to bleach them, and in fact it is a much better idea to think of bleaching first before veneers or crowns. Bleaching is the most conservative treatment available that makes a difference to the appearance of teeth.

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