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Real Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry sounds a bit alternative! It is a term that has been used for dentistry that has previously been seen as a little bit crazy!


Here’s some ideas that could have been seen as “holistic”…. 
  • Removing  amalgam fillings to “get rid of mercury from the body”. Rarely, there is a reaction to old amalgam fillings, (lichenoid patches) which clears up when they are removed. Old amalgam fillings are normally very stable, and the time when most mercury is released is when the old filling is removed. In the event that there is clinical justification to remove an amalgam filling, we always use isolation by dental dam and high volume suction. We haven’t used any amalgam here for more than 12 years so we always replace with composite- or even more stable- porcelain or gold.
  • Providing “natural treatments”, oil pulling, chewing a cleaning stick. We recommend brushing with an electric toothbrush using fluoride toothpaste!
  • Bamboo toothbrushes- we would love toothbrushes to be more environmentally friendly, but at present we can’t recommend bamboo. Stick with a proper electric toothbrush as above.
  • Recommending natural toothpaste with no fluoride- fine if you don’t have ANY sugar at all in your diet- (including all healthy sounding “natural” sugars.) Sugar causes tooth decay and fluoride prevents it.
  • Saying different teeth are connected with different parts of the body. We say all the teeth and the whole mouth are totally connected to the whole body! Everything that happens in the mouth has an effect on the body. So we kind of agree about this…
  • Providing alternative treatments. We’re happy about this! We can offer acupuncture, massage and love to recommend hypnotherapy.


That’s some of the old ways of looking at holistic dentistry but now there’s a new way and this is how we see it at Stafford Street Dental Care.
As we’ve said above, the teeth and mouth are connected to the whole body and inflammation in the gums is related to inflammation in other parts of the body. There is increasing evidence of links between periodontal ( gum) disease and heart disease. We also know that improving gum health should be an essential part of diabetes treatment.

Good dental care and excellent gum health is part of good general care.

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The healthier your teeth and gums are, the healthier your body will be.

The better your teeth are the better you can eat and process food which is essential for good digestion and nutrition.


It turns out being a good holistic dentist is the same as being a good dentist!

It means-

      • Taking care of the patient as a whole person,
      • listening to what they say,
      • motivating to change
      • communicating well
      • sharing decision-making
      • looking out for what’s going on
      • thinking of the future
      • aiming  to prevent  dental disease
      • should treatment be required, to provide  the most minimally interventive treatment possible,
      •  to preserve tooth material as much as possible,
      • treat to the highest quality,
      •  and to plan for the future.


This is how we’ve always strived to provide dentistry at Stafford Street Dental Care. If you are interested in this kind of holistic dentistry, please do get in touch with us by calling 0131 225 7576.

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