Holistic Dental Health at Stafford Street Dental Care

At Stafford Street Dental Care our number one priority is to help our patients have the healthiest teeth and mouths possible. Of course we want our patients to have fantastic smiles too!

great gum health

This is more than just looking round your mouth to see if you need a filling. It means looking closely at the condition of the teeth, the gums and the bone around the teeth. It means checking if you’re stressed and grinding your teeth. It means taking some time to take everything into account.

As one  lady said, “Since we have been coming here, our teeth feel so much better and healthier than they ever did. It’s great! ”

When teeth and gums are healthy it boosts your confidence and  it also boosts your general health. As we tell our patients  every single day, there is increasing information about the links between gum disease and heart disease.

It is also important that if you are diabetic that we work hard together to achieve excellent dental health, as damage by inflammation can have an effect on the whole body. In fact getting on top of gum health in diabetics can have the same beneficial effect as taking one extra type of medication.

So, being a patient at Stafford Street Dental Care not only improves your dental health, but will lead to better general health.

If you would like to have a chat about being a patient with us, please do call on 0131 225 7576 or email info@staffordstdental.co.uk


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