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Tooth-Friendly School Lunchbox Ideas

Everyone is now well and truly back to school and we’d like to help you make sure your child’s lunchbox is healthy for teeth- but we also want to make sure your hungry child gets enough to eat!

Up till your child goes to school you have control over what they eat and this is the ideal time to help them get healthy habits.

When they go to school, some kids need lots to eat and some have got just too much going on to be hungry. You are the best person to know what your child needs, but here’s a few ideas from us to help.

Ideally the food in the lunchbox should be sustaining and nutritious while avoiding sugar.

The core of the packed lunch is usually a sandwich, and this is very tooth-friendly, unless it’s jam…

Sandwiches with wholemeal or seeded bread, wraps, and pittas are tasty and healthy.

Filling ideas…

  • Sugar free peanut butter is  fantastic for teeth but sadly  due to allergy risk is often not allowed in school.
  • Hummous and grated carrot.
  • Cheese is high in calcium and acts as a buffer against acid- so great for sandwiches. (We also love to recommend a small cube of cheese after a sweet snack)
  • Tuna and cucumber.
  • Chicken.
  • Egg mayo.

How About…

  • A screwtop tub of last night’s leftovers!
  • Pasta with small cubes of cheese and tomato.
  • Pasta with pesto.
  • A piece of pizza.
  • Chicken goujons!
  • Rice with seeds, salsa  and crunchy vegetables.
  • Oatcakes.
  • Mini cheddars, tortilla chips, plain crisps.
  • Breadsticks.
  • Popcorn.
  • Little sausages, they can be veggie.


To Be Avoided…

  • Flavoured crisps frequently have sugar included in their flavouring.
  • Dried fruits and  fruit “winders” are really  concentrated sugars, sticky too.
  • Cereal bars contain a surprisingly high amount of sugar.
  • Fruit juice is acidic and contains concentrated fruit sugars.
  • Flavoured yoghurt is sugary!


If you do want to include something sweet in the lunchbox-and nobody wants their child to feel different or left out- then follow our tip and eat cheese last.

Please Do…
  • Eat fruit! Fresh fruit is high in fibre and vitamins. It contains natural fruit sugars but they are far less concentrated than they are in dried fruit.
  • Drink water. Water is the healthiest, most hydrating drink there is!!!
  • As we said above, a small piece of cheese is the ideal way to finish a packed lunch, Babybels are perfect!


Healthy Snacks At School…

The risk of tooth decay increases the more times sugar is eaten.

With regard to snacks at school, we would suggest  that the snack would be fruit, oatcakes or crisps then have a sweet snack included at lunchtime- with a little piece of cheese to follow!

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