Do You Really Need Dental Veneers?

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At Stafford Street Dental Care we help a lot of people improve their smiles- and this is how we do it.

We always approach each case individually to really understand what our patient is looking for. It is our philosophy to carry out treatment in the least interventive way possible.

To start planning we take some photos of the teeth and the smile.

The most conservative dental treatment which significantly improves how teeth look is whitening (or dental bleaching) . This is safe and effective when carried out by dental professionals.

After whitening we reassess. Sometimes this is all we need to do and our patient is happy with the result and doesn’t want any more treatment, even if they thought they needed veneers!

The next step- cosmetic bonding

We can even up small chips or  larger eroded patches with cosmetic bonding. Usually this can be done without any numbing.This treatment restores the tooth to a better shape which with the new bright colour, looks really good.

Or- we can cover the whole tooth surface to bring it back to shape with a composite veneer. These are thin ready made veneers. This treatment is carried out in one visit, involves little or no tooth reduction and often no numbing either.

Composite bonded restorations and composite veneers do require  maintenance with occasional polishing. They can be repaired easily too. Even if the teeth are severely worn or broken down we can get a good result with bonding.

The decision to provide porcelain veneers or crowns is a big one and is decided together with the patient. The previous options are discussed. The patient has got to understand that tooth preparation will be required and that once the teeth have veneers or crowns there is no turning back.  However sometimes this really is the best way forward.

The advantage of porcelain over composite is that that the restorations stay bright and shiny.These restorations are made in the dental laboratory and are securely bonded into place. They are long lasting and look great!

A patient  says-” I’m so happy with the composite veneers that Gilly did for me. They have filled all the gaps and  my teeth look fantastic!”


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