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What Are The Benefits of a Cerec Dental Crown?

When your tooth has had a big filling in it for a long time ,or has been root treated, it can be considerably weakened and will require protection. The sides of the tooth can become thin and weak so may snap off, or the tooth could even split right through.

If the tooth splits right through, it is not possible to save the tooth.

So it’s a good idea to wrap the tooth up in a protective layer which glues the sides together and prevents splitting.

We are able to use our Cerec® 3D scanner to make this procedure as easy as possible. We have moved away from traditional crowns in many situations as it’s always our aim  to preserve as much real tooth as possible.

Often the whole tooth is full of old filling, so,for a traditional crown, (which fits over like a thimble on a finger), if you remove the sides of tooth as well here isn’t actually any real tooth left.

For Cerec® partial crowns we reduce the height of the sides of the tooth and bond on to them, so the sides are supported but strong. Then we scan the tooth,design the crown, and make it! No gloopy impressions needed!


There is no need for a temporary crown or second visit either, all completed in one visit!

We can use different types of porcelain, our favourite is Emax® which is strong and shiny. This takes a little longer to make as it has to get glazed and crystallised during the appointment.

We also have springy porcelain, Enamic®, which is infiltrated with composite to be strong like reinforced concrete. We also have composite blocks which are infiltrated with porcelain!

As we have been using Cerec® for 7 years now we are able to select the correct material to use in each situation.

We can look back and see many lovely restorations that we have made over the years.

Our patients are happy with the process and the results!

If you would like to find out more about Cerec® and how we could help restore your heavily filled or broken teeth, why not get in touch, call Stafford Street Dental Care in Edinburgh city centre on 0131 225 7576 to make arrange your consultation.

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