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10 Great Reasons to go to the Dentist

reasons to go to edinburgh dentist
1. It’s fantastic when you get to know your dentist and trust them. That can’t happen until you go the first time!

2. Obvious but  important -your dentist will make sure your teeth are healthy. They will look at your teeth to make sure there is no decay and perhaps use x-ray pictures to make sure that everything is fine with your teeth. It is much easier to treat  a very small problem than wait till your tooth has broken or hurts.

3.Your dentist will make sure your gums are healthy. More teeth are lost through gum disease than decay as we get older, and dentists help you  to properly take care of your teeth and gums.

4. Dentists prevent bad breath. By working with your dentist to keep your gums and teeth  very healthy, you will make sure you don’t have bad breath. 

5. Dentists check for mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is a disease that is increasing, and is very hard to treat if it has progressed. Dentists know how to look out for it.

6. If you actually do have a tooth problem already, dentists can help! We will be able to check what the problem is and sort it. Sometimes things are not as bad as you think and can be fixed easily- and if it is a worse problem, it is still better to deal with it than ignore it.

7. Dentists help you have better general health. There is increasing evidence of links between gum disease and other inflammatory diseases so keeping your gums healthy keeps helps keep your body healthy too.

8. Many things that people think about dentistry are completely untrue. Modern dentistry by an up-to-date dentist is preventive, informative and gentle.

9. Dentists help you have a confident smile. That can be as simple as knowing you’re keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as they can be, or straightforward treatment like bonding can change the appearance of chipped and broken teeth. 

10. Dentists know about tooth whitening. They have trained intensively to know about teeth, their colour, and how to safely whiten them.

private dentist edinburgh


Plus your dentist wants to see you! 

Dentists are people too and they like the company!

We look forward to welcoming you to Stafford Street Dental Care. Please call us on 0131 225 7576 for further information about the dental practice.


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