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CoVid-19 Update

Updated 6th July 2020

We hope that you are well and that you have been able to enjoy some aspects of these strange times.


As you have probably read in the news, dental practices are back to work. We have been keeping in touch with as many people as we can  over the last few weeks and months, as virtual dentists, advising, dealing with problems as best we can, and reinforcing the neverending messages to clean your teeth very well and don’t eat sugary snacks! We’ve cycled around delivering Duraphat toothpaste and medicines.


We have been very impressed by the dedication of all our patients to keeping up,and improving their home tooth cleaning routine. We have also had very few problems  to deal with, so let’s have kudos all round, to you for looking after your teeth so well , and to us for having helped you get them into that stable position.


None the less, it is good to be back in the practice.


At this phase of the response to the pandemic we are only able to deal with emergencies and urgent situations. As we have said, there haven’t been very many of them, so if you have a problem you’ve been putting up with, or if you have any worries about your teeth, please do call us. We really are here!


It has been a strange experience for the first few patients as we all adjust to the new normal in dentistry.


However they are reassured that while we are taking every precaution, behind the masks we are still the same familiar faces.


The way ahead


We have emptied the entire appointment book so that we can start afresh. Each appointment will be longer as we follow guidance to keep everyone safe. We will be contacting everyone to talk about their situation before their appointments so we keep the time in the practice as short as possible to minimise face to face contact, and this will continue to be the case as we go forward.


We have a few months to catch up on, and we will be working hard and doing our best to get everyone in as soon as we possibly can.


For certain procedures, we will need to use extra PPE (personal protective equipment, but everyone must know that now!). There will be a charge for this equipment, which we won’t be charging for the next 3 months for all plan patients. We would also like to thank these patients very much for continuing to make these payments which have supported the practice during this difficult time.


Read more about our new patient journey here.


Watch our patient video.


With very best wishes,


From Yann and Gilly Maidment


To reach our team please call 0131 225 7576


You can also keep in touch with us by following us on Facebook.

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